At ALEO, sustainability and slow fashion processes are embedded in the DNA of the brand. We believe passionately in a sustainable future for all. We are dedicated to only using ethically sourced materials, responsible supply chains and commitment to artisan-made elements. We are constantly learning. Through research, innovation and creativity we are actively working to make better choices every day.

Every piece in our collection is representative of the skilled work of our talented artisans. Empowering and improving their livelihoods is at the forefront of our business. 85% of our products are made by hand, highlighting our committed to slow, low-impact manufacturing processes. We are dedicated to enabling all our resources to be a brand with clear ethical goals and intentional sustainable practices.

We are highly rigorous when choosing partners. Our access to a single tannery allows us to minimise our carbon footprint and have transparency in our materials and processes. We use 100% traceable leather with a zero waste policy. All our scrap leather is re-purposed and re-used in the next stages of production, this is non-negotiable for us.